So why start with Parent Training? Isn’t this about your child?

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Thinking about RDI? Here’s what to expect!

You’re parents that want to take the lead in your child’s ASD treatment. You desperately want to feel competent at home, and you don’t want to pass your child off to someone else, leaving you out of the equation. An RDI Program may be what you've been looking for. How...

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Tips to prevent summer chaos!

For many families, the summer is a mixed blessing. Childcare for working parents can be fraught with challenge, and suitable camps aren’t always feasible. On top of that, highly anticipated time away from work can go “south” before you’ve unpacked your bags! Here are some suggestions for making the best of your time off.

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What is Neuroplasticity?

One of the things I learned while pursuing my Certified Professional Coach Designation, is this; a powerful question can change how we look at things.

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Using Effective Praise to Build Cognitive Development!

This is an important subject, and one that I’m passionate about. Praise doesn’t cost a penny and is very powerful when used effectively. Unfortunately, kids with ASD have many memories of incompetence and failure, which result from their cognitive processing...

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A Simple and Fun Activity!

Looking for a fun (and productive) activity to do with your child with autism? Clean out a junk drawer together. Here's how to set it up: 1) Tell your child what you're going to do together; be sure to engage your child during a time that is suitable 2) Create spots...

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5 Simple Activity Ideas + Coaching Offer!

Looking for some fun activities to do with your ASD child? It only takes a second for a spark to ignite between you and your child. That little spark can pave the way to a great deal of joy. As with all activities you do with your child – focus on the interaction, rather the activity.

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Build Your Emotional and Nonverbal Connection!

More is not always better. Parents often discount themselves as candidates for a parent-based intervention like RDI because they don’t have hours to put in each day. Hello! Who does? Working parents see amazing headway involving their ASD child in a few simple ‘round the house activities a week and more on weekends. Really! Here’s the secret – the rest of the time, they look for opportunities to stretch their child’s

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