Episode 1: Developmental Approach to ASD

Join Sue Thursdays on her Facebook page at 2pm for her LIVE series on ASD -Lemons to Lemonade - a weekly series that takes a look at the Development vs. Behaviour in ASD children and how caregivers can navigate the connection and communication barriers with their...

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Cabin Fever Rescue Game!

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the last stretch of the holidays. The weather here in Southern Ontario has been unbearably cold, and unless you're an outdoor die-hard, you've probably spent way too much time indoors. This can cause the best of us to run out of...

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Set Aside Your Worry – Have Some Nonverbal Fun!

Acknowledging Your Challenges Before we get to the fun stuff, allow me to acknowledge the challenges and angst you face as an autism Mom (or Dad). Having a child on the spectrum is a journey like no other. To illustrate, yesterday in conversation with an autism Mom we...

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Life’s Surprises Don’t Have to Keep You Down!

Moving Forward I don’t need to tell you that life has a way of serving up unexpected “surprises” that knock us off our equilibrium, and usher us into a realm of challenge, and subsequent possibility. I’m just returning from one of these journeys myself, which isn’t...

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Autism Parent Success: Shifting Focus

Having a child with ASD or another developmental challenge is not easy. I know first hand! As parents, we’re constantly being pulled in different directions; running hither and yon, always at lightning speed. Looking at the big picture can be challenging. However,...

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In Praise of Baby Steps

One of the things that I love the most about my work is that it’s about baby steps. Small, doable shifts, which over time, bring about incredible results.

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3 Steps to Calm: Online Group Coaching for ASD Moms!

- Does stress impact your relationship with your ASD child and family?- Are power struggles a problem in your home? - Do you feel like you’re going it alone? “The well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of all the critical adults in their child’s...

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Moms – Need Some Instant Stress Relief? Try This Now.

Were you hopping this past long weekend? Long weekends are wonderful, but they can leave us feeling depleted. Physical and emotional self-management are at the core of my work, for both Moms and kids. We all need our precious energy to be our best. This fast and...

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Get Back-to-school Ready!

School is two weeks away! Let's get Back-to-school Ready! Whether you see it or not, it's likely that your child's emotional barometer is on the rise! It's time to begin gearing down - yes, gearing down - for the start of the school year. Here are some simple...

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