Getting your child involved in chores at home

What’s with the picture? This was taken by one of my amazing clients, to remind her son just what she and her hubby do ‘round the house, when they’re not lounging and eating bon bons. I love it! I happened to see it while watching a videotaped interaction they sent,... read more

Using Effective Praise to Build Cognitive Development!

This is an important subject, and one that I’m passionate about. Praise doesn’t cost a penny and is very powerful when used effectively Unfortunately, kids with ASD have many memories of incompetence and failure, which result from their cognitive processing... read more

A Simple and Fun Activity!

Looking for a fun (and productive) activity to do with your child? Clean out a junk drawer together. Here’s how to set it up: 1) Tell your child what you’re going to do together; be sure to engage your child during a time that is suitable 2) Create spots... read more

5 Simple activity ideas + Coaching offer!

Before jumping in, remember that we’re looking for quality over quantity. It only takes a second for a spark to ignite between you and your child. That little spark can pave the way to a great deal of joy. As with all activities you do with your child – focus on... read more

Build your emotional and nonverbal connection!

Read This First!! These simple activities are great for working on connecting emotionally with your child, and practicing nonverbal communication. Before beginning, ensure that your child is calm and in a receptive state… and that you are too. Set everything... read more

Tips for Building a Connection with your ASD Child

Happy New Year! Are you ready to get expert guidance to feel competent as a parent? Check out my Tele-Class, “Take Back the Helm – Proactive Strategies to Parent your ASD Child,” which begins on January 16th. Click here to learn more! You’re... read more

Proactive or Reactive – Which would you rather be?

“Insanity: Doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein When it comes to parenting any child, it pays to be proactive. When you’re proactive, you’re more “on top of things” … your decisions are based on knowledge and... read more

Reduce Your Holiday Stress

Hi everyone, Here are some helpful holiday planning tips for you. But first – have you checked out details on my upcoming Tele-class, “Take Back the Helm – A Proacative Approach to Parenting your ASD Child?”  Please do! It will be packed with... read more

Get into a Good School Groove!

We’ve just begun the third week of the school. Here are some tips to help your child at school, and ensure you’ve got your family ship headed in the right direction. Down-time before homework: I recommend giving your child down-time before tackling any... read more

Why doesn’t my ASD child make eye contact?

One of the many mysteries of autism centers around eye contact. It is true that many individuals on the spectrum don’t make eye regular contact. Why is this?  In order to unravel this mystery, you must first understand the function of eye contact, and how it... read more