Sue’s Work

My personal journey ignited a desire to help parents like you experience what is truly possible for your child with ASD. Let’s get to it!

Your Autism Mom Life-Makeover Program (please see note below for Dads!)

My unique approach is highly flexible, practical – enjoyable – and transformative. It is based entirely on research in child development, neuropsychology, and most recently – the fastest growing energy psychology modality in the world – EFT, also known as “tapping.” 

  1. Begin with the End in Mind

In order to make lasting change, it’s critical to examine your current situation, and then determine where you want to go. We’ll reflect on where you are now, and establish a road map to move you in the right direction. 


  1. De-Stress the Captain, Recalibrate!

You’ve been through a lot. Before we can move forward with your child, we have to help you feel more balanced. It’s not possible to help your child without helping you first. We’ll look at how this has affected you – and I’ll help you move forward. We’ll build your capacity for self-awareness, and establish a plan to help you stay in a more balanced place. Remember, life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you deal with it!


  1. Calm the Waters

When your child doesn’t respond to you the way you expect her to, you react. You “over-talk” and pepper him or her with prompts. It doesn’t feel good to us, and it doesn’t feel good to your child either. This is normal. We’re human! We fall into patterns with our kids that are unhealthy and repeat themselves. We’re going to change this! This will reduce stress in your home dramatically, and give your child more mental capacity to attend to you!


  1. Say Goodbye to Recurring Power Struggles!

I’ll teach you how to manage difficult behaviour; and to diminish power struggles. Your child will learn to self-calm. With your new approach, you’ll begin to feel empowered! You’ll develop the skills to parent in a proactive fashion. You’ll learn to set clear and consistent limits, and you’ll see that this gives your child a sense of safety.


  1. Learn to Be With Your Child in a New Way

You’ll learn how to interact with your child in a way that isn’t about “trying to get something from him or her.” Your skills will feel more natural, and you’ll enjoy a new relationship with your child. Your child will be more tuned in to you. You’ll learn to engage your child in a way that he or she doesn’t need to control to be engaged!


  1. The Captain Has Arrived!

In the final step of our journey, I’ll teach you how to bring your child into routine, age-appropriate activities at home that “typical” parents do with their kids. When your child feels competent engaging with you, he or she will be motivated to interact, and you’ll have the skills and abilities to make it happen!

Want to keep at it? Together, we can continue to build your child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. 


A Note to Dads

You’ve probably noticed that I mention Moms a lot. Dads, please don’t take offence. Your involvement is important and necessary – and you are always welcome here. In my experience, Moms tend to take the lead, typically spend more time with their children – and may experience more grief and stress. If you’re up for joining us, please do!

Let’s talk. To schedule a 45-minute Autism Mom Life-Makeover session, click here.