Looking for some fun activities to do with your ASD child? It only takes a second for a spark to ignite between you and your child. That little spark can pave the way to a great deal of joy. As with all activities you do with your child – focus on the interaction, rather the activity.

Before jumping in, remember that we’re looking for quality over quantity.

Your goal is to connect! After grocery shopping, position your child so he/she can put things away in a cupboard. Pass pantry items to him/her using gesture or facial expression to indicate where they belong (make sure there’s space so your child isn’t easily frustrated!)

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  • Blow up a balloon and bat if back and forth. Count together as you become more successful to increase the excitement (if this is appropriate for your child)
  • Make a Valentine’s Day card together. Talk about the things you could add to the card to make it special
  • Buy a roll of Kraft paper at the dollar store. Tape it to the floor and trace your child’s outline. Work together to add in your child’s face and clothes. Cut it out and tape it to a wall in your house!
  • Have your child pick out apples or oranges for you at the grocery store. Inspect each one together before putting them in a bag. Have fun!!

ASD Moms…read this now!

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~ Kim, Oshawa, ON

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