Looking for a fun (and productive) activity to do with your child with autism? Clean out a junk drawer together.

Here’s how to set it up:

1) Tell your child what you’re going to do together; be sure to engage your child during a time that is suitable

2) Create spots for piles – toss (garbage), keep, put elsewhere etc.

3)  Examine each item and decide together what to do with the treasures you find. You’ll have some interesting things to look at (if your drawers are anything like mine)

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4) Use nonverbal communication and try to connect emotionally, rather than rushing through the job

5) Clean the empty drawer with paper towels and spray cleaner etc., and voila! You’ve got something to be proud of!!

Tip: Remember, your child doesn’t need to be there for the entire thing – if 5 minutes is enough, then 5 minutes it is! The goal is to have fun, not to “get it done.”

Let go of “doing it right” and just have enjoy being with your child!

Can I be of service? 

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Coaching provides a judgement-free, safe space for you to get your bearings, explore your needs and own your power. Power, you say? Yep! It may be hidden, but it’s there. Let’s find it together. What makes this even better? Coaching takes place by phone! For more information go here: Coaching with Sue

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