Does stress impact your relationship with your ASD child and family?– Are power struggles a problem in your home?

– Do you feel like you’re going it alone?

“The well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of all the critical adults in their child’s lives.” ~ Dr. Stuart Shanker, Professor of Psychology, York University, Toronto, ON

Join me for a 5-Week Online Group Coaching Program for ASD Moms: 3 Steps to Calm

Beginning May 7th, this group program will gradually build your self-awareness and stress management skills, and give you the support you need to get your calm on! You’ll learn, grow and have fun in a warm, supportive group environment.

Program Outcomes: Feel calmer, stress less, and enjoy your family more! 

  1. Build your self-awareness and emotional resilience; identify your triggers and build a stress management plan with my support and guidance
  2. Learn strategies to reduce power struggles and challenging behaviour at home
  3. Learn and incorporate EFT (tapping) one of the fastest growing stress management approaches in the world. It’s evidence based, easy to use, very effective – and great for your child as well!

Program also includes:

  • 60-minute one-on-one coaching session with Sue
  • A private FB group for support and Q&A – I will be there every day to support you!
  • Resources to support your learning each week
  • All calls will be recorded and replays made available should you miss a week.

Begins, Saturday, May 7th for 5 weeks 10-11:30am EST.

Investment:  $399 Cdn + HST – INTRODUCTORY OFFER!!

Only 6 spots are available. 

Please email me at with questions, to schedule a time to talk, or to register. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nonverbal Window Cleaning!

Ready for some fun spring cleaning? Get out some paper towel and window cleaner. Tell your child you need his help for 5 minutes to clean a 2 windows. Designate the roles of wiper and sprayer (if your child can manage it, allow him/her to be the sprayer after you’ve demonstrated.) Earmark a couple of windows that need to be cleaned, and together, decide where you’ll start.

Let your inner goof-ball come out to play. Amplify your facial expression and body language, indicating that it looks great; not so great; or super-dirty. Have fun! Most kids love doing this activity. You can take this into any room of the house, cleaning tables, kitchen counters or mirrors!

After wiping the windows, step back and have a look at your work together. Using only nonverbal communication, point to areas that still look dirty, and as a team, clean them until you’re satisfied that you’ve got the whole window spotless. When you’re done, admire your work. Don’t forget to thank your child for helping you!

Have fun!

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