Is Summer Causing Anxiety?

Many parents notice their child’s anxiety building quietly as the summer approaches. Even though summer vacation is a welcome reprieve, it’s a transition nonetheless. With some planning and awareness on your part, you can minimize end-of the-year jitters. I hope you find this helpful!

  • If your child is old enough, look at the calendar together. Help him or her get a handle on the number of days before school ends. Knowledge is often power.
  • Be sure your child is getting enough exercise. One of the best ways to dissipate anxiety is through physical activity. Get out for a bike ride as a family or find another enjoyable outlet to burn off some of that excess energy.
  • Keep your cool. When we’re out of sorts, our kids almost always pick up on it. It’s easier said than done I know, but do your best to keep your own anxiety in check. I can almost guarantee that if you do something nurturing for yourself, everyone will benefit. (Plus, chances are you deserve it!)

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  • Mind your schedule. For some reason, easy-breezy summer weather tempts us to throw our schedules out the window, but this can spell trouble. Of course, there are many things we need to do outdoors with the nice weather here. However, if some type of consistent routine is beneficial for your child during the winter, then it likely will be beneficial in the summer as well!
  • Keep things as calm as possible at home. Avoid packing too much into your weekends and try to ensure that your child gets enough sleep.  Be sure your child knows what lies beyond the end of the school year. Regardless of your plans, your child will benefit from some advanced notice; a few days, or a week at a time will be helpful.

If all else fails, during a meltdown, empathize with your child’s  upset rather than trying to diminish it. I find with many clients, even a single statement of understanding can be helpful. For example, “I know how much you wanted to ____,” acknowledges that your child has been heard.

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