“Insanity: Doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

When it comes to parenting any child, it pays to be proactive. When you’re proactive, you’re more “on top of things” … your decisions are based on knowledge and confidence. When you’re reactive, you’re always dodging bullets. You lack confidence and vision.

When it comes to parenting your ASD child, it’s critical to have skills, and a foundation of knowledge, on which to base your decisions. It doesn’t make life perfect – but it sure feels better than being reactive!

Behaviour is communication….let’s face it. Your child doesn’t enjoy being difficult. He does it for a reason. What if you were to understand why these challenges exist – and get beneath them… if you could learn how to prevent them without being a “yes wo-man” …  weather storms feeling confidence in your actions.. be a more effective parent? You can… yes, YOU!

The secret to successfully parenting your ASD child lies in understanding “what’s missing developmentally” for your child.

He/she has missed pieces of development.. literally. In part, that’s why autism is referred to a “neuro-developmental” disability. This is why you have such difficulty.

proactive parenting steps

Here are some of the benefits of learning to parent your ASD Child in a proactive manner (sorry for the squished text – there are so many, I had to get creative!

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Understand the reasons why parenting an ASD child is so challenging – – Understand that it’s not your fault – – Feel understood and valued as a parent – –  Put an end to isolation and justifying your child’s behaviour – – improved compliance – – Enable your child to experience real competence (not to be mistaken for control!) – – Reduce your stress and frustration – – Learn how to justify self-care, and feel great about it! – – Turn challenges into learning opportunities for your child – – Shift your attitude from “can’t and won’t; to can and will” – –  Understand and shift difficult behaviour vs. trying to “will them” to stop – -Learn where “the edge of your child’s competence” is, and how to use it – – Manage transitions effectively  — Learn to respond instead of react! – – Minimize difficulty at gatherings and events – – Learn to stretch your child’s thinking – –  spot and us the right moments to build your child’s resilience  – – Connect with yourself (WHO??!!) – – Learn to be Mindful in your approach – – learn how NOT to get caught in power struggles – – Say less; accomplish more – – Decrease dependency on prompts – – Enjoy time with your child! – – Experience the he JOY of parenting your ASD child. There are more, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll stop there.

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Oops – forgot to mention – all of the strategies you’ll learn are ideal for typical kids too!

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~ Sue

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