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Episode 3 Takes a look at the challenge ASD children have with processing information and how parents can learn a new approach by changing their perspective on why their child is behaving the way they are.


Key Highlights:

  • We all have behaviours. It is universal.
  • Behaviour is communication.
  • ASD Children process information differently and may therefore behave differently.
  • Behaviour can be positive or negative.
  • When kids feel more competent they will behave in a more desireable way.
  • We often look through a lens and see things from a negative perspective.
  • Looking at the “why” behind the behaviour can help us to show up in a new way with a positive perspective.
  • We model behaviour.  ASD Children can react negatively in response to our parental behaviour because of the way they process the response.
  • Understand the behaviour and the “Why” so you can support your child in a solution-oriented manner and behaviour will improve.


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