Episode 11: EFT for Stress Relief

In Episode 11 I talk about how stressful it can be to be not only be a mom, but to be a mom to an ASD child. The stress is heightened in the home and without tools to help bring calm, days can make you feel seriously defeated in many ways. I owe my sanity to EFT, and...

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Stress Relief Can Be at Your Fingertips with EFT

As the ASD Mom of two kids, the wife of an Aspie, and an entrepreneur out to build a critical movement and a small empire, I know a thing or two about stress. Yep, I am surrounded by autism. Oh, I forgot to mention that we also have 3 cats and 3 dogs. We...

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Self-Care Is a Must-Do vs a Nice-to-Do

If you’re like a lot of Moms, when you hear the words ‘self-care’ you tune out, and turn your attention to more important things like putting in the next load of laundry. Once upon a time, I was the same. I would cry myself through each day, not thinking about how I...

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Episode 10 – Why Self Care is important for ASD Moms

In this weeks Episode #10 Sue Simmons, RDI® Certified Consultant talks about Self Care for moms who have kids on the spectrum and why its absolutely crucial for you to take a time out to regroup.  Discover what Alice Cooper (Rocker Legend) and Sue had in common and...

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How to help your child with anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life. Most of us have moments of anxiety during the course of the day – someone cuts you off driving, or you’re late for an appointment you’ve waited month for. These things happen all the time, and we need to be agile enough to go with the flow...

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Episode 7: The power of your choices

WATCH: Episode 7 VideoThe Choice is Yours Have you ever had one of those days where it seems that everything that could possibly go wrong, does? Well, I had an absolute doozy recently. On the day in question, I reluctantly got out of bed (as I do every morning) and...

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What did I do wrong?

Finally, the day you’ve anxiously waited for has arrived. You’ve just given birth to a beautiful, healthy child. As you and your partner stare in awe at your newborn miracle you reflect on the past several months. The worry, the nausea, the fatigue, the stretch marks…...

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