What’s with the picture? This was taken by one of my amazing clients, to remind her son just what she and her hubby do ‘round the house, when they’re not lounging and eating bon bons. I love it! I happened to see it while watching a videotaped interaction they sent, and had to ask permission to use it. Thanks J!

Do your kids complain when you ask them to help around the house? Here are some tips to help you get things moving in the right direction.

  1. Choose an activity that’s short and sweet to begin with. Sorting laundry into piles is an excellent one, and you can make it lots of fun.
  2. Tell your child you need help for 5 minutes, and sit on the floor with a laundry basket full of clean clothes. I recommend giving your child a heads-up a few minutes before hand.
  3. Begin by starting piles for each family member. Toss each item to your child, and have him/her place each item in the appropriate pile. Here’s where the fun comes in. You can toss high, low, behind your back or just hand it over.
  4. If your child is unsure which family member an item belongs to, use your gaze to indicate the appropriate pile. For an added kick, try to convince your child that the “rather large boxers” go in his pile.
  5. When you’re done, thank your child for his help, and send him on his way!

Getting your child involved in simple, age-appropriate chores (or to-do’s) is a great way to connect, and build his feelings of competence as a valued member of the family. You may find it can be surprisingly fun to tackle mundane tasks with your kids – really!

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