“Sue Simmons is a ‘game changer’. Yes, she has a powerful modalities with EFT and a strong framework with RDI – but, it is who Sue is and how she integrates these tools that truly makes the difference.”

Nancy Forrester · Founder and Executive Director at National EFT Training Institute

“Working with Sue Simmons is the single most important thing I have done for my family’s well-being. Her passion for helping families, her knowledge, experience, insight and dedication are truly exceptional. Sue understands the challenges I face as the mother of two “double-exceptional” sons. She brings a holistic approach, based in current research and best practice, as well as a deep sympathy in helping me identify and shift negative patterns within my family. And she supports me in finding a healthy, productive balance in my own life. Sue knows how easy it is to lose yourself in your family’s and children’s needs. Without her guidance, I don’t think I would have made it this far. Every mother deserves a support and a resource like Sue Simmons!”

Beth, Toronto, ON

“Words cannot explain the difference that Sue made in our family. She coached us closely and was an amazing support when we were going through difficult times and cheered us on from the sidelines when things were going well. Her coaching enabled us to become better parents and above all, our son flourished. He is more engaged, more verbal, more emphatic, more curious, more respectful and most importantly happier! We have tried dozens of other autism treatments, but Sue and RDI truly changed our lives, and will continue to do so for years to come.”

The Martins, Ottawa, ON

“Our son was diagnosed with ASD when he was under two years old. At that time he was nonverbal, totally disconnected from us and in his own world. He is now seven. It’s been a long journey with many ups and downs. We’ve tried just about every treatment and intense intervention available over the years. Although he showed some progress and became verbal, we knew there was still so much more hiding from us and we desperately wanted to tap into his potential, intelligence and humor. We just didn’t know how to engage him or develop a meaningful relationship with him.”

We were introduced to RDI by another family a year ago, and referred to Sue. In learning about the RDI principles, it just totally made sense! It was like we were able to finally grasp the missing key to help us unlock what we always knew was there, and we eagerly committed to giving it a try. It has been an amazing and challenging year and we have witnessed some huge gains and changes in our connection with our son. Sue has been a wonderful consultant throughout this first year, always full of encouragement and insightful guidance. We know this is only the beginning of a long journey, but we finally feel confident that we are now on the right path.”

Tia and Dave, Oshawa, ON

“We can still remember our first conversation with Sue. We took 2 ½ pages of notes… she told us some pretty remarkable things. I remember her saying that kids on the spectrum seek out new and different experiences as a result of RDI. That was something we never saw with our then 8 year-old son; we had no idea how ingrained his routine was at the time, but we knew he liked things to remain the same.

Despite the claims of the RDI Program we were not yet sold – but we were curious, so we ordered Dr. Gutstein’s Introduction video, Going to the Heart of Autism. What he said made so much sense. We began RDI with Sue in the fall of 2007, and we have not looked back.

Our son has gone through some remarkable changes in the past 2 years. He now engages regularly with his sister and plays with friends at school. He has two good friends who like to come over, and he even helps out around the house. There are so many moments now when my husband and I look at each other and comment, “That was such a normal-kid thing to do!” He even fights with his sister now…ironically, we love it!

Sue is an excellent teacher. She lives and breathes RDI, but she is a real person and a parent who has fought the same battles we are fighting.
She understands how to incorporate RDI at a fundamental level, and has a unique ability to show us how RDI objectives can be brought into to real life, so we feel like what we’re doing is meaningful and productive. She is professional, punctual and positive. She is an inspiration to work with and can really pick us up when we feel like we’re stuck.

We still have the notes we took from our first conversation with Sue almost 2 years ago. The possibilities she told us about – which seemed unreachable at the time, have now become a reality for us.

Thank you Sue.”

Leisa and Jim, Mississauga, ON

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