Parent Success CardsGreetings! I’m going to dive right in, and make a special announcement. With permission from my friend and esteemed colleague, Dr. Nicole Beurkens, PhD., Licensed Psychologist, I’m delighted to bring you an exciting series of eNewsletters. Dr. Beurkens is the founder of Horizons Developmental Resources Center in Caledonia, Michigan. She is a highly sought-after clinician and keynote speaker.

Dr. Beurkens’ dedication to her profession, and her ingenuity are staggering. She created these cards for parents of children with developmental challenges who want to be play an active role in their child’s development. They provide critical information, offer support and will most definitely inspire you!

They espouse the belief that with the right experiential stimulus at the right time, children with developmental challenges are more than capable of learning to think flexibly, problem solve and engage socially in our dynamic world. And, who better to be “doing the doing?” Parents!

I know that Dr. Beurkens would cheer me on as I enthusiastically belt out one of my favourite phrases, “Expect more!” I am a firm believer that we need to expect more. More, from – and for – our children. Even more importantly – we need to expect more from ourselves! Don’t get me wrong! In other words, parents have been left in the dust, believing that they are rendered powerless to impact their child’s development. Not so! Parents are the ideal candidates to help their children learn and grow. Who is most invested in your child? Who knows your child best? Who will be in your child’s life, forever-and-always? Exactly… you!

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Why are these cards so dear to me? Each one is in perfect alignment with the work I do as a parent coach, and RDI Program Consultant! A great deal of my time is dedicated to instilling this information in the minds and hearts of my clients. Each beautiful card carries a message that will enhance your efforts to build your relationship with your child. You will be empowered as both a parent, and an individual. You will learn to seize opportunities to engage with your child in an effective, powerful, and meaningful manner.

Sound good? Great! We’ll start next week. Please share this important information with friends and family! Feel free to send questions, and comments via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. See you next week!

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Sue Simmons

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